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the same thing that we're going through. >> reporter: vital support in an environment where stereotypes still exist. >> as a woman in the army you already have to fight and strive to be treated equally sometimes and you don't want to be personally i don't want to be treated like i can't do anything now that i'm pregnant. >> reporter: a competitive spirit that appears strong after baby. alan reports 80% of women in the program return to duty after six months passing the physical fitness test which includes meeting the military's weight requirement. in a matter of weeks it's this army mom's turn. >> you think you're ready? >> i'm ready. >>> wow. as my wife frequently reminds me it's not easy. act josh seth rogen publicly shaming senators for skipping his speech on capitol hill. >> plus the cost of riding metro is about to go up and leaving some riders, some commuters stuck without a ride. adam tuss talking riders ready to tell metro take a hike. >> the alexandria police officer who nearly died in the line of duty one year ago today he's trending on twitter blasting senators for not showi
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1